Alcos Precision Press Blanking Lines

ALCOS Press Blanking Lines are specially designed for use in the high demand automotive and fabricating industries, including suppliers of “surface exposed” panels.

Our Press Blanking Lines are capable of processing material up to 72 inches (1828mm) wide and .250 inches (6.35mm) thick from coils weighing up to 80,000 lbs. (36 tonnes) with an outside diameter of up to 100” (2540 mm). As we do with our other lines, we will customize the process configuration to suit your specific requirements.

Our Press Blanking Lines are equipped with electromagnetic or vacuum stackers, high-precision levelers with four, five, and six heights; edge trimming, strip cleaning, drying and oiling systems. ALCOS Press Blanking Lines are computer controlled with diagnosis, quality control, and automatic coil feed. These lines are ideal for carbon steel, exposed and non-exposed materials, stainless steel, pre-painted steel, and aluminum and other metals.

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Our Press Blanking Lines at Work

Our Press Blanking Lines Features

Our press blanking lines include many advanced features such as:

ALCOS is the leading manufacturer of coil processing equipment, with slitting lines operating worldwide. ALCOS specializes in ultra-high strength steel and aluminum slitting lines, and their machinery is trusted and proven to be effective.

ALCOS Machinery Inc. has a reputation for producing high-quality products at competitive costs. We strive to meet each client’s needs and can easily ship heavy equipment in North America or overseas  to serve more customers in the global market.

Any questions regarding our products or services?

Alcos Press Blanking Lines