Tension Leveling is an effective tension-assisted leveling method. Pull and drag bridle rolls are positioned on either side of the Alcos Tension Leveler. All parts of the material are pulled past the yield point and the full cross-section is elongated. All material stress is removed, providing flat stress free blanks. This process can be used in both coil to coil configuration as well as within a Cut to Length line.

This is a very effective method for leveling various materials especially in the lighter gages. The process is continuous and can be combined with all of the latest technology available.

Rotary Shear

Our Rotary Shear in a Tension Leveling Line allows high speed continuous blank cutting. High line speeds and a high cut rate make this ideal for this application.

Shear Run-Out Conveyors

Blanks are fed to the stacker from the shear. Secondary blanks are directed to a diverter conveyor, below.

Triple Function Stacker

Our Triple Function Stacker can drop stack the heavier gauges, use air float stacking for light gauges, or both. The high speed servo drop arm stacker which is unique to Alcos can keep up with the highest line speeds and cut rates.

Stacker Discharge

Our stackers can be provided with side or end discharge, or both.

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