These are specially designed for the high quality demands of the automotive and fabricating industries, including suppliers of “surface exposed” panels.

Press Blanking Lines will process material up to 72 inches (1828mm) wide and .250 inches (6.35mm) thick from coils up to 80,000 lbs. (36 tonnes) with an outside diameter of upto 100” (2540 mm).

As we do with our other lines, we will customize the process configuration to suit your specific requirements.

Some of the Features Typically Included:

Off-line Entry Coil Prep Station  

This is completely customized to customers’ particular needs. Coils can be partially de-banded, cropped to eliminate the first few wraps if necessary, or organized onto coil racks in order of processing, etc. The coil shown below has been prepared and will be transferred by the coil car to the uncoiler on the other side of the curtain door.

Strip Cleaning and Drying Section

Alcos can supply and integrate any strip cleaning and drying system into our press feed equipment.  

Precision Feed Roll Systems

Our precision feed roll systems provide precise feeding of the strip in exact incremental lengths to the blanking press, based on blank size requirements.  

Strip Oiling Systems

Oiling systems provide a protective coating to the strip, and also lubricate the strip prior to blanking. Alcos can offer an electrostatic oiler for all grades of liquid and hot-melt lubricants.

The unit can be provided with the ability to be moved off-line by motorized drive while threading tables are pivoted up into position in the line to fill the gap.

Automatic Blank Stacking Systems – Magnetic or Vacuum  

Our magnetic and vacuum stackers are designed for your specific blank dimension range and are offered with two stacking stations for increased stacking capability. This enables continuous operation of the line.

All stack dimension adjustments are motorized and are controlled at the stacker console or by remote control for up-close final adjustment by the operator.

Four discharge stations are fitted with load cells to provide accurate weighing of each stack.

  • Magnetic stackers for steel blanks
  • For both aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel, the Alcos vacuum stacker is a multi-belt unit with stationary vacuum orifices, providing all the holding power you will need, even for heaviest or most complex blanks with shapes and cut-outs.

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