Supplied to process materials of up to .625 inches (16mm) thick, 96 inches (2438 mm) wide, from coils of up to 100,000 lbs. (45,000 kg), with an outside diameter of upto 100” (2540 mm). Cut-To-Length Lines provide a fast and efficient means of creating precise levelled blanks from coil.

ALCOS provides you with a wide variety of customizations to meet your exact requirements, including:

  • Hydraulic levelers in 4HI, 5HI or 6HI configuration
  • Cassette levelers
  • Back to Back levelers
  • Automatic knife gap adjustment
  • Fully automated edge trimmers
  • Inspection conveyors
  • Automatic air, drop or combination sheet stacker
  • Vacuum stacker

Types of CTL Lines:

Start Stop CTL  

This is the most economical for heavy gauges. The output is generally 100 FPM (30m/min).

As the name implies, the strip is stopped for each cut of the shear.

Flying Shear CTL

The Flying Shear System is a high production “non-contact” solution to CTL applications. This system can be provided in two variations…. a stationary press with a flying die, or with a shear.

Precision Feedroll CTL  

This is a versatile concept utilizing a feedroll operating from a shallow loop combined with a high speed shear.

Rotary Shear CTL    

The Rotary Shear System is the highest output type of CTL line and can cut up to 100 pieces a minute or with line speeds up to 400 FPM (120 m/min.).

Skin Pass Mill CTL  

A Skin Pass Mill in conjunction with our hydraulic corrective levelers produces stress-free, flat material in heavier gauges.

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